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How to Request a PIV Card

To Request a Card at HCHB:

HR sponsors may request permanent ID cards for employees through the HSPD-12 PIV process by sending an email with sponsored employee names to HCHBsecurity@doc.gov. HR Sponsors may escort employees to the Security Service Center to enroll for PIV badges and should bring  the CD 591, Form I-9 form, and two forms of ID. 

Contracting Officer Representatives (CORs) may request a PIV or Facility Access Card (FAC) ID card for contractors through the PIV process by submitting a request to piv-contractor@doc.gov. The Security Service Center will contact the COR/contractor to complete the enrollment process.  The COR may escort contractors to the Security Service Center to enroll for badges and should bring the CD 591, Form I-9, and two forms of ID. 

All Federal ID cards (PIV, PIV-I, FAC) must be returned by the holder when HCHB access is no longer required.  The separation process for employees and contractors leaving the HCHB is not complete until the issued identification card has been accounted for. 

For Lost or Stolen Cards:

For lost or stolen cards, please contact the Security Service Center (SSC) at  HCHBsecurity@doc.gov.

For more information on PIV Credentialing at HCHB, please visit the HCHB PIV Services page.

To Request a Card at Field Offices

For information on requesting a PIV card for contractors or employees, or to report lost or stolen cards, please reach out to the field office directly.