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Within the February 2021 issue of the BAS Newsletter, you will find:

  • BAS Leadership Corner: Read about important updates for the Real Property Community and its transition to the Sunflower Asset Management System.
  • Meet the Team: Meet three members of the BAS PMO Acquire to Dispose (A2D) Team
  • Meet Your Change Agents: Learn about your respective community Change Agents, and how they are here to answer your questions.
  • Real Property Timeline: See the high-level Real Property Deployment Timeline and key activities leading up to and after deployment.
  • Real Property Features: Learn about the upcoming Sprints and the respective areas of functionality they address.
  • User Acceptance Testing/Real Property User Access: Learn about the upcoming User Acceptance Testing dates.
  • Sunflower Real Property Training: Learn about the two upcoming training sessions that are going to be held in April. Read about how these sessions will be beneficial for end users.
  • Real Property Reporting: Read about Sunflower Reporting and how it integrates with Real Property.
  • Data Migration & Validation/Sunflower Support: Read about the upcoming data migration update coming from the Acquire to Dispose (A2D) team.
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