"The President’s tax cuts and regulatory reform are creating a new wave of growth in our advanced manufacturing and technology industries, along with demand for thousands of skilled workers. Our strengthening economy is a godsend for many millions of Americans who want to be part of the workforce, and who now have the opportunity to participate productively in our economy."...


"Welcome everyone to this discussion about the American automobile industry. It is obvious by the attendance here today how important this industry is to the U.S. and the global economy. At the request of President Trump, I initiated this investigation into the potential national security impacts of imports of automobiles and automotive parts. The Federal Register Notice seeking input from...


"We initiated a Section 232 Investigation under the Trade Expansion Act of 1962 to determine if it was essential for U.S. national security that we have commercially viable steel and aluminum industries required to supply our military. We found that the United States would not have the ability to defend itself if these industries disappeared under the burden of unfair trade and excess global...


"I am here to reinforce an important message to the government and business communities in Ghana and all of the countries of Africa: The United States is committed to being a strong, long-term, and stable partner in your economic development. We want to see all the governments in Africa succeed in improving the business climate, thereby enabling the growth of the digital economy, and...


On behalf of President Trump and all Americans, welcome, all of you. This year, we have scheduled 2,200 one-on-one meetings between state economic development officials and representatives from foreign companies attending the Summit. We have also helped the attending foreign delegations plan 21 trips visiting states and local communities as potential investment opportunities.


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