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U.S. Department of Commerce Establishes Improved Procedures for Section 232 Steel and Aluminum Exclusion Requests

The Department Implements Rebuttal Process to Better Address Stakeholder Concerns

WASHINGTON – The Department of Commerce continues to make improvements to the procedures for Section 232 product exclusion requests. This includes the recent implementation of an updated rebuttal system, to continue to ensure a transparent and fair process. This new rebuttal process is now available to all U.S. businesses which have not received a final determination.

"The Department of Commerce and the Bureau of Industry and Security have made an unprecedented effort to ensure American businesses are not unduly harmed by Section 232 tariffs," said Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross. "These updates will help perfect the process to ensure a fair hearing for all parties involved."

Exclusion requesters will have seven days from the opening of the rebuttal period to submit rebuttals. Objectors to exclusion requests will then have a seven-day surrebuttal period to post responses, which will be opened once rebuttals are posted by the Department and the case file is reopened.

To further assist industry moving through the process, the Department of Commerce is also cataloging the Objection, Rebuttal, and Surrebuttal Identification Number associated with each Exclusion Request. The Aluminum Rebuttal & Surrebuttal Finder and the Steel Rebuttal & Surrebuttal Finder will be uploaded each day at Additional details on the exclusion request process can be found on

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