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Today, Brooklyn-made products are exported to countries all over the world, from Canada and Brazil to Saudi Arabia and Japan. But before that was possible, America’s fourth largest city had to reinvent its manufacturing industry. Throughout the 1970s, '80s and '90s, the urban economy of Brooklyn, as in many other cities, was shattered. There was massive population loss and an exodus of...


Our country and the entire world are living through one of the most remarkable economic and societal transformations in history and it is being driven by technology. In this changing world, economic growth and competitiveness are increasingly tied to the digital economy. This technology revolution has been dramatic.


When President Obama recently signed Trade Promotion Authority and Trade Adjustment Assistance into law, it marked a victory for bipartisanship, for common sense, and, most importantly, for American businesses and our workers. By continuing to engage with trading partners throughout the world, we are ensuring that the U.S. does not cede ground in the race for economic and job growth — and we are...


Chicago's Garrett Popcorn is a local institution whose flavored snacks have been enjoyed by Chicagoans and visitors for more than 65 years. Recently, the chain was recognized for something more than its unique combination of sweet CaramelCrisp and savory CheeseCorn flavors: the success the company has achieved selling its popcorn to overseas customers...


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