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Task Force on Apprenticeship Expansion logo
Task Force on Apprenticeship Expansion logo

In connection with American Dream Week (July 31 – August 4, 2017), the U.S. Department of Commerce is proud to highlight the important role Commerce agencies play in creating jobs and economic opportunities in American communities across the nation.

“America’s capabilities are limitless and America’s workers are unmatched” – President Donald J. Trump

President Trump is committed to increasing apprenticeship opportunities to enable more Americans to obtain high-paying jobs and the relevant skills needed to compete in today’s global economy. The following is a call to action for nominations to a task force charged with helping more Americans achieve their dreams and potential through expanded apprenticeship programs.

In June, President Trump issued an Executive Order to expand apprenticeships in America. As part of that order, he created a Task Force on Apprenticeship Expansion chaired by the Secretary of Labor with the Secretaries of Education and Commerce serving as vice-chairs. Through this task force, they will advise the President on strategies and proposals to increase and promote quality apprenticeship opportunities.

U.S. Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta is asking for nominations for individuals to serve on the Task Force on Apprenticeship Expansion. The deadline to submit nominations is August 8, 2017. Any interested person or organization may nominate one or more qualified individuals for membership on the task force.

The Task Force is charged identifying strategies and proposals to promote apprenticeships, especially in sectors where apprenticeship programs are insufficient. Upon completion of this assignment, the Task Force will submit a report to the President outlining their recommendations.

Expanding apprenticeships and reforming ineffective education and workforce development programs will help enable more Americans to obtain relevant skills and high-paying, family-sustaining jobs. Apprenticeships provide paid, relevant workplace experiences and opportunities to develop skills that employers value.

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