U.S.-India CEO Forum Interviews


U.S.-India CEO Forum Interviews

CEOs Sanjay Bhatnagar, WaterHealth International; Michael S. Burke, AECOM; Doug Peterson, McGraw Hill Financial; and Dinesh Paliwal, Harman International; discuss the mission of each of their companies and their involvement in this year’s U.S.-India CEO forum, hosted by the Department of Commerce.
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Sanjay Bhatnagar: So Waterhealth International is a very unique company. Its goal is to provide drinking water to those who don’t have it. And that leaves about 2 billion people around the world today who don’t have access to safe drinking water. Our goal and our mission is to reach about 100 million of these people by the end of this decade.

Michael S. Burke: So AECOM is a premier fully integrated global infrastructure firm with the ability to design, build, finance, and operate infrastructure assets in all the markets that we choose to participate in. Our objective globally and currently today we have 100,000 employees spread across 150 countries so we have a fairly wide global footprint. But our objective is to be able to implement infrastructure in all of these countries to improve communities in which we operate.

So the India CEO forum is a great opportunity for bilateral engagement with the country of India and the United States. And certainly, India has a very very great need for infrastructure. The country as we know has been growing very dramatically over the past decade or so.

Doug Peterson: McGraw Hill Foundation has a stable of companies which provide intelligence, benchmarks, ratings, other sorts of data analytics to the markets which are used by our customers for them to make critical decisions every day.

Dinesh Paliwal: So Harman is a global company, more than 30 countries with 27,000 professionals worldwide. And Harman is a clear leader in connectivity so when it comes to connected car, we all hear about autonomous driving connectivity, connected lifestyle, so Harmon has had its days in audio and connectivity in automation,  and connected enterprise whether it’s the White House or all government agencies and NATO, we do all the banks, we do full connectivity. So that’s what we stand for. We invest very heavily in research and development, and this forum is very important because we see India as a potentially very large market both for R&D and also for consumers.




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