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PAGE Interview – Daniel Lubetzky

Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship (PAGE) and founder and CEO of KIND Daniel Lubetzky speaks about his Signature Initiative involving innovative start-ups tied to the food industry, to develop business models that balance commercial success with social purpose.
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Daniel Lubetzky: I'm Daniel Lubetzky. I'm the CEO and founder of KIND Healthy Snacks. I was born in Mexico City and I came from a father who was a Holocaust survivor. We saw our father rise from nothing (inaudible) as an entrepreneur and then we came to America and I truly appreciate the opportunities that we have. And I think I got the entrepreneurship bug from my dad, but I really was able to manifest it because of the freedom and opportunities that we have in America. Because having had my father be a Holocaust survivor and go through the Dachau concentration camp, I promised myself that I was going to dedicate my life to preventing what happened to him to happening again. And for me, business is an incredible tool for connecting with people. We have this thing called KIND Awesome Cards, which we surprise strangers with, but only after we notice them do a selfless, kind act, either towards you or towards a total stranger. And then you, like, approach them and if they haven't already run away and thought that you're a stalker then you say, "You know, that was really nice that you did a kind, awesome act." They go to a website, enter a code and it sends them a couple KIND bars, but more important, it sends them another card so they can then pass it on the next time they spot someone doing a kind thing. They can celebrate that. All the ventures I've started are about trying to get people to discover each others' humanity, cement relationships to each other. We try to find a way for market forces to help us leverage change and help us have positive impact on society.




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