PAGE Video Series: CyPhy Works Helen Greiner


PAGE Ambassador – Helen Greiner of CyPhy Works

Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship (PAGE) and CEO of CyPhy Works Helen Greiner speaks about her Signature Initiative, which aims to inspire kids to pursue careers in the math and engineering fields.
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Helen Greiner: My name's Helen Greiner. I'm the CEO of CyPhyWorks. I'm also the co-founder and former president and chairman of iRobot Corporation, the company that makes the really cool tactical robots and the Roomba vacuuming robot. My signature initiative is about getting kids involved in math and science. I build robots and robots are really the gateway drug to get kids involved in science and technology, because when kids see a robot and then once they've built a robot, they're not afraid of studying engineering. It also gives kids a -- you know, the experience of engineering being the creative field that it is and to counteract that stereotype of the horn-rimmed, lab jacket, very dry scientist. Because engineers these days come in all different forms, genders, races -- and you need that to add a diverse background to your products. The PAGE ambassadors would like to see opportunity worldwide and entrepreneurship -- creating jobs, uplifting a community, getting new products on the market is a huge part of that. I think innovation happens at small entrepreneurial companies and there's no reason it should just happen in the United States and Silicon Valley or in Boston. I'm in awe of the talent that's come into the PAGE program. Even today, I met some like-minded individuals who really believe in technological literacy, getting kids into science, technology and math, and that's an on-ramp to global entrepreneurship. It's a way to develop a scaleable business that could propagate around the world.




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