Arizona Company on Free Trade Agreements

Donald Zipperian, Vice President and CEO of Pace Technologies, explains why passing free trade agreements matter to the local economy and U.S. competitiveness.
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DONALD ZIPPERIAN: Our business goes where, you know, where there is growth and the way I look at it, even the Trans-Atlantic or the Trans-Pacific trade agreement, you know from what I understand the concept of that agreement started back in the eighties and so that's - years ago.

This is not something that's happened very quickly even though there seems to be more of an emphasis on it now, but in that same time period I remember back when I first visited China back in is probably the early nineties it was a very closed and it was very difficult to do business in China years since that time there's been a lot of growth and you know and the Chinese have probably signed more trade agreements in the last few years than we probably have in the last twenty, thirty years.

So I mean if we're not on top on this, we're going to be a secondary player. I mean we've been the major economic power in the world. If we want to stay that way we really need to up our mark here and then start to take a little more forceful look at trying to get some these things done.

So I mean I hope that this free trade agreement goes through I think it'll be beneficial to us to have less barriers to trade. Our distributors, for example, in Malaysia is a good example.

I know they're one of the countries that are involved with the Trans-Pacific trade agreement is that they have very high tariffs and so our equipment, you know, becomes very expensive by the time you have to pay for the shipping and then you have to pay for the duties and everything else to bring their product in.

You know if that was more level and we don't have to have these duties and taxes and easier flow back and forth, it would be, it would be very beneficial for us.





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