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White House Releases First-Quarter Milestones on Leveraging Data as a Strategic Asset

Today marks the release of the first-quarter milestones for Leveraging Data as a Strategic Asset, a new and exciting Cross-Agency Priority Goal of the President’s Management Agenda.  I am excited to co-lead this effort with my colleagues, Pradeep Belur, Chief Operating Officer and Chief of Staff at the Small Business Administration, Suzette Kent, Federal Chief Information Officer, Nancy Potok, Chief Statistician of the U.S., and Jack Wilmer, Senior Advisor for Cybersecurity and IT Modernization, Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Most notably, this release includes a draft list of Principles for a Federal Data Strategy. This is the first step in developing a Federal Data Strategy to guide the Federal Government in strategically leveraging its vast data assets. Along with the release, we are also requesting the public share their opinions with us on the new initiative. For the next 30 days, we will collect information from stakeholders inside and outside of government. What we garner will help us improve our subsequent products and will ultimately result in principles, practices, and plans for a Federal Data Strategy. 

The Principles released today emerged during discussions at last month’s expert roundtable and are based on existing principles related to the protection of personal information, the conduct of federal statistical agencies, and federal evidence building.  But we need stakeholder feedback to ensure we are accurately reflecting the ideals that should drive the Federal Data Strategy as we move forward.

In addition to the inclusion of the new Principles, today’s announcement incorporates a Call for Use Cases. Use Cases are examples of data practices that leverage Federal Government data for the benefit of the public. We are currently collecting real-world examples so we can better identify the factors that lead to success as we continue to develop the overarching Federal Data Strategy.  We are asking for examples that highlight lessons learned, challenges overcome, and successes achieved.

Our call for public input also includes a request for information about practices related to key aspects of the Federal Data Strategy:  Enterprise Data Governance; Access, Use, and Augmentation; Decision-Making and Accountability; and Commercialization, Innovation, and Public Use.  In addition, we are asking for comments on the best ways to engage stakeholders for their input as we develop the strategy.

Comments and other information can be submitted through July 27 at Based on this feedback, the final version of the Principles will be released in September 2018.  At the same time, a draft version of practices will be released, along with another opportunity for public feedback.  I look forward to hearing what the public has to say!