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SES Excellence Standards

Each element contributes to the executive's overall performance and is designated as a critical element. The first element, Leadership/ Management is the primary tool for assessing the results of the executive's efforts. The second element, Customer/Client Service Responsiveness highlights accomplishments in collaborating with external and internal customers. In addition, each bureau has been given the flexibility to determine up to three specific critical elements in alignment with the bureau mission.

In the new OPM regulations, performance standards are now referred to as performance requirements. The following performance requirement definitions are designed to provide a uniform reference point for the assessment of executive performance across an organization. The applicability of each element itself will vary from one executive to another, based on the actual scope of the executive's position. Raters should take this variability into account at the end of the rating period. Similarly, the elements are predicated on the development of bureau work plans and performance agreements for each executive in alignment with the Department's Strategic Plan.

Performance requirement definitions for the levels are:

Outstanding: This level exemplifies rare, high performance in fostering an organizational climate that sustains excellence and results. It should be thought of as the exception. The Senior Executive's performance has made a positive and significant impact on organizational results in alignment with the mission of Commerce. All critical element activities are not only achieved, but completed in an exemplary manner. The Senior Executive has exerted a major positive influence on the organization through innovative and effective management practices, procedures and program implementation, building partnerships and coalitions, being responsive to internal and external customers, and leveraging scarce resources, which has contributed substantially to mission accomplishment.

Commendable: The Senior Executive demonstrates consistently high performance. Performance has exceeded expectations at the Fully Successful level in accomplishing critical element activities and sustained results that support the mission.

Fully Successful: The Senior Executive's performance meets expectations. The Senior Executive demonstrates sound performance. All critical element activities have at least been satisfactorily completed. The Senior Executive has contributed positively to organizational goals and achieved meaningful results.

Minimally Acceptable: Partially meets performance expectations for Fully Successful. While performance is successful, it is only minimally successful and has notable deficiencies. This level indicates that improvement or additional development is needed to operate at the Fully Successful level.

Unsatisfactory: The Senior Executive does not meet performance expectations on a critical element. Job performance produces unacceptable work products. Minimum requirements of the critical element are not met. Performance deficiencies detract from mission goals and objectives.