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About HCCS

Welcome to the Human Capital Client Services (HCCS) - Reliable Consultation and Services for Your Human Resources Needs

The HCCS provides customer-focused, efficient and flexible human resources (HR) service delivery to approximately 3,000 Department of Commerce employees in six bureaus, including many domestic field offices across the United States.

Human Capital Client Services (HCCS) is responsible for the employee life cycle with emphasis on strategic human capital supported by the Office of Employment and Compensation (OEC) and the Office of Workforce Relations (OWR).

The Office of Employment and Compensation (OEC) develops effective human capital management and workforce alignment strategies to enable clients’ ability to plan, attract, develop, motivate, and manage a high-quality, productive workforce. The Office provides consultative and strategic services for talent management and acquisition strategies, while it administers and manages retirement, provides operational advice and consultative services.

The Office of Workforce Relations (OWR) serves as subject matter experts in developing effective workforce strategies for employee engagement and performance management to establish expectations and how they align to client bureau missions and objectives.  In the area of Employee Relations, they provide advice and consultative services that strive to maintain effective employer-employee relationships that balance clients needs with employee rights.  OWR provides learning and knowledge management services along with advice and support in accordance with labor management statutes, executive orders and departmental policy to insure management’s interests are met.