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Commerce Mandatory Training Timeline Calendar

Commerce Mandatory Training Calendar Timeline

Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Mandatory Training Topics for All Federal Employees:

Federally Mandated Training is Mandatory training for all employees Governmentwide. This includes training mandated by federal statute or regulation; such as in the areas of computer security awareness (5 CFR 930.301-305), ethics (5 CFR 2638.703 and 704), or executives, managers, and supervisors (5 CFR Part 412).

Listed below are three types of Federally Mandated training:

  • Mandatory Training for all Federal Employees
  • Mandatory Training by Role
  • Mandatory Training by Occupation

Many Bureaus (agencies) have their own required training. However, unlike Federally mandated training, this training is not mandated by Federal statute for all Federal employees. Bureau Required Training is defined as “required by the agency and provided to Federal employees to achieve the goals and objectives of the agency as needed.” 

Employees should contact their Bureau Chief Learning Office / Training Office to determine what additional training is required for their Bureau.

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