Department of Commerce: Images The most recent 20 items in this list. en Juneteenth flag flying over the Commerce Department [email protected] Women Could Help Fill Elevated Job Openings in Construction ended April 2024 [email protected] Low Representation of Women in Construction and Industry High Earnings ended May 2024 [email protected] Elevated Job Openings in Construction ended April 2024 [email protected] Leading America's Workforce [email protected] OAM Office Logo <p>OAM Official Office Logo</p> [email protected] OAM Office Logo <p><strong>OAM Official Office Logo </strong></p> <p>This logo will be used as the main identifier of the Office of Acquisition Management. Elements of the logo include the Eagle for national scope of activities, the DOC Lighthouse for transparency, scales for balance, and shaking hands representing deal/agreement making. ​ </p> <p>The blue denotes uprightness and constancy, and the gold represents transparency. The Latin term "Valores" inscribed on the banner means values and represents the values of OAM which are humility, excellence, integrity, inclusivity, and collaboration.​</p> [email protected] One OAM Internal Initiative Logo <p>One OAM strives to create a united team across the 5 functional areas supporting our 2 principal areas of focus. Elements of the logo include <strong>7 pieces</strong> of <em><strong>twine</strong></em> that represent the <strong>5 functional areas</strong> of OAM (in gold) and the <strong>two principal areas</strong> of focus (in two shades of blue).</p> [email protected] OAM Office Logo <p>Official Office Logo of OAM</p> [email protected] Climate Adaptation Plan 2024-2027 [email protected]