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The Office of the Executive Secretariat provides the department with an effective, efficient, and innovative process for document management. The Executive Secretariat is part of the Office of the Secretary and reports directly to the Chief of Staff.


The mission of the Executive Secretariat is to provide outstanding administrative support to the Secretary and Deputy Secretary to ensure that the department’s policy is clearly articulated to external audiences in a timely manner. These audiences include the American people; the President, Vice President, and other White House staff; members of Congress and their staffs; other Cabinet and sub-Cabinet level officials; governors and other state officials; business leaders; and foreign government officials.


The Executive Secretariat accomplishes its mission through the following objectives:

  • Ensuring timely, accurate responses to incoming inquiries and questions
  • Ensuring that the Secretary and Deputy Secretary receive high-quality briefing materials for every meeting, event, or conference they attend
  • Ensuring that weekly reports to the President are accurate and meaningful
  • Ensuring that statutory reports to the President and Congress are accurate, timely and of high quality
  • Responding to other tasks as assigned by the Secretary, Deputy Secretary or Chief of Staff


The Executive Secretariat is responsible for the following products and services:

  • Controlled correspondence
  • Administrative services
  • Secretary’s and Deputy Secretary’s briefing books
  • National Security Council documents
  • Secretary’s invitations
  • Records management
  • Various other documents


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