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Data and reports

The Commerce Department collects, stores, and analyzes a wealth of information, including data on the Nation’s economy, population, and environment. These data go to the core of the Department’s mission.

As America’s Data Agency, the Department of Commerce is using its data to spur innovation inside and outside the Federal Government and promote greater prosperity across the country.”

- Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, keynote at an NTIS-hosted public data forum in 2017

America's Data Agency

Creating a robust economy requires an enormous amount of data, and we are the nation’s preeminent producer of public data. More than 30 million U.S. business enterprises; 325 million Americans; and 93,000 tribal, state, and local governments rely on our data to make informed decisions.

The information and data we produce shape fiscal and monetary policy and operational decisions that improve the nation’s social and economic conditions. Annually, more than $1 trillion in federal funds are distributed to states and localities, in whole or in part, using data produced by the Department.

Federal Data Strategy

As part of the President's Management Agenda, Commerce is working hand-in-hand with other agencies to develop a long-term, enterprise-wide data strategy to better govern and leverage the federal government's data. Karen Dunn Kelley, Under Secretary for Economic Affairs, performing the nonexclusive duties of the Deputy Secretary of Commerce, is co-leading this effort with her four interagency colleagues as the goal leaders for "Leveraging Data as a Strategic Asset" Cross-Agency Priority Goal.

Explore the Federal Data Strategy