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Daniel O. Hill

Deputy Under Secretary for Industry and Security, Performing the non-exclusive functions and duties of the Under Secretary for Industry and Security
Daniel O. Hill

Daniel O. Hill was appointed Deputy Under Secretary for Industry and Security for the US Department of Commerce on February 18, 2008.  As Deputy Under Secretary, Mr. Hill manages the daily operations of the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) and advises the Under Secretary of Export Administration on a broad range of policy and management issues.

As a member of Commerce's Senior Executive Corps, Mr. Hill also serves on the Department's Management Council (DMC).  The DMC, composed of the top executives in the Department, is responsible for providing overall management and leadership to Commerce employees and programs world-wide.

Prior to his appointment as Deputy Under Secretary, Mr. Hill implemented and managed programs that ensured the US defense industrial base had the capacity and capability to meet current and future national security, economic security, and homeland security requirements. Among other duties, Mr. Hill was a BIS representative to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, and the USG. Interagency Working Group on Offsets.  Mr. Hill advised the National Security Council on key defense trade policy issues.  Mr. Hill was also a member of the Government Coordinating Council for the Defense Industrial Base, the White House chaired Policy Coordination Committee for Critical Infrastructure Protection, and advised the Homeland Security Council on critical infrastructure and defense industrial base issues.  Mr. Hill represented the USG. as a member of the Industrial Planning Committee at NATO.

Previously, Mr. Hill was the Assistant Administrator for Technology at the US Small Business Administration (SBA).  He directed the SBA's Small Business Innovation and Research and Small Business Technology Transfer programs, which award $1 billion in federal research and development projects to small businesses annually.  In this position, Mr. Hill was a member of the White House National Science and Technology Council and chaired the small business working group of the United States Innovation Partnership.  He was also a member of the National Science Foundation's Advisory Board and served on the President's Council for Y2K Conversion.

Just prior to joining the SBA, Mr. Hill served a one-year appointment with US Senator Warren Rudman (R-NH) as a LEGIS Fellow.