Descriptive Text - Office of General Counsel Organization Chart

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General Counsel - Kelly R. Welsh

Deputy General Counsel - Justin Antonipillai

Deputy General Counsel for Strategic Initiatives –Dawn Y. Hewett

Counsel to the General Counsel - Vacant

Special Assistant - Andrew Wingens

Executive Officer - Lanetta Gray

Library Director - Karen Krugman

Assistant General Counsel for Administration - Barbara Fredericks

Assistant General Counsel for Legislation & Regulation - Asha Mathew (Acting)

Assistant General Counsel for Finance & Litigation  - Michelle McClelland

Chief Counsel for Import Administration - John McInerney

Chief Counsel for NTIA - Kathy Smith

Chief Counsel for MBDA - Josephine Arnold

Chief Counsel for International Commerce - John Cobau

Chief Counsel for EDA - Stephen Kong

Chief Counsel for NIST - Henry N. Wixon

Chief Counsel for Commercial Law Development Program - Steve Gardner

General Counsel PTO - Sarah Harris

Chief Counsel for BIS - John Masterson

General Counsel NOAA - Lois Schiffer

Chief Counsel for ESA - Barry Robinson


*Represents dual reporting lines with respect to legal policy issues