Contract Law Division - Client Assignments

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Procurements now underway will continue with the present attorney.

Client Primary Attorney(s) Backup Attorney Notes
A-76 Coordination Kopatich, Flanagan    
Acq Rev Board Member
AWIPS Flanagan Langstein  
CAC Liaison Langstein, Kopatich    
CASC Langstein, Kalish    
CENSUS Bernal, Crotts Kopatich  
CENSUS-JVille Crotts Kopatich  
CITRB Langstein, Kopatich & attorneys assigned to procurements being considered    
COMMITS Lee Langstein, Kalish  
EASC Canzano Weber  
GOES-R Upadhyaya Langstein  
Interagency Agreement Committee Langstein Flanagan, Kopatich Flanagan principal backup
International All, Langstein to assign    
Internet-Domain Name Project Crotts Langstein  
MASC   Crotts  
NDBC Kopatich Weber  
NIST Kopatich, Paschall Brown, Flanagan, Langstein  
NMFS Observers Lee, Kalish, Langstein    
NOAA AMD Flanagan, Brown Bridges, Langstein
Weber to continue fleet support
NOAA Supercomputer Brown, Langstein
Non-NOAA AMD Weber Canzano  
OAM Weber Lee  
OIG Canzano    
Real Property & Leasing Flanagan, Weber   Flanagan to assign
Special Projects Upadhyaya    
Statute & Regulation Review Langstein, Kopatich    
WASC Lee, Kalish