Format: 2015-03-04
Format: 2015-03-04
Date(s) Subject Witness(es) Committee Congress
02/28/2007 Immigration Reform Carlos Gutierrez, Secretary of Commerce Senate Committee on the Judiciary 110th Congress
02/27/2007 NOAA FY 2008 Budget Request Vice Adm. Conrad Lautenbacher, USNavy/Ret. Under Secretary for Oceans and Atmosphere, NOAA House Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife and Oceans, Committee on Natural Resources 110th Congress
02/15/2007 NIST FY 2008 Budget Request Dr. William Jeffrey, Director, NIST House Subcommittee on Technology and Innovation, Committee on Science and Technology 110th Congress
02/08/2007 Climate Change Dr. Susan Solomon, Senior Scientist, Earth System Research Laboratory, NOAA House Committee on Science and Technology 110th Congress
02/07/2007 Climate Change Research and Scientific Integrity
Dr. William Brennan, Acting Director, U.S. Climate Change Science Program, NOAA
Tom Knutson, Research Meteorologist, Climate Dynamics and Prediction Group, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, NOAA
Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation 110th Congress