Name Titlesort icon Office Contact
Lois Schiffer General Counsel NOAA lois.schiffer@noaa.gov
Brian D. DiGiacomo Division Chief AGC/Admin/ELLD bdigiaco@doc.gov
David Maggi Division Chief AGC/Admin/ELPD EthicsDivision@doc.gov
Mark Langstein Division Chief AGC/F&L/CLD mlangstein@doc.gov
Russell W. Craig Division Chief AGC/F&L/GLD rcraig2@doc.gov
Kendall Burman Deputy General Counsel for Strategic Initiatives Front Office kburman@doc.gov
Justin Antonipillai Deputy General Counsel and Acting General Counsel Front Office DeputyGC@doc.gov
Stephen D. Gardner Chief Counsel CLDP cldp@doc.gov
Barry Robinson Chief Counsel ESA brobinson@doc.gov
Stephen Kong Chief Counsel EDA skong@eda.gov
John D. McInerney Chief Counsel IA john_mcinerney@ita.doc.gov
John Masterson Chief Counsel BIS CCIS@bis.doc.gov
John Cobau Chief Counsel IC occic@doc.gov
Kathy Smith Chief Counsel NTIA ksmith@ntia.doc.gov
Henry N. Wixon Chief Counsel NIST henry.wixon@nist.gov
Josephine S. Arnold Chief Counsel jarnold@mbda.gov
Michelle McClelland Assistant General Counsel for Finance and Litigation AGC/F&L mmcclelland@doc.gov
Barbara Fredericks Assistant General Counsel for Administration AGC/Admin bfrederi@doc.gov
Will Covey Acting General Counsel USPTO sue.hines-laboy@uspto.gov
Asha Mathew Acting Assistant General Counsel for Legislation & Regulation AGC/L&R ogc-leg@doc.gov