Name Title Officesort icon Contact
Josephine S. Arnold Chief Counsel
Barbara Fredericks Assistant General Counsel for Administration AGC/Admin
Brian D. DiGiacomo Division Chief AGC/Admin/ELLD
David Maggi Division Chief AGC/Admin/ELPD
Michelle McClelland Assistant General Counsel for Finance and Litigation AGC/F&L
Mark Langstein Division Chief AGC/F&L/CLD
Michelle O. McClelland Division Chief AGC/F&L/FALD
Russell W. Craig Division Chief AGC/F&L/GLD
Asha Mathew Acting Assistant General Counsel for Legislation & Regulation AGC/L&R
John Masterson Chief Counsel BIS
Stephen D. Gardner Chief Counsel CLDP
Stephen Kong Chief Counsel EDA
Barry Robinson Chief Counsel ESA
Lanetta D. Gray Executive Officer Executive Office
Justin Antonipillai Deputy General Counsel and Acting General Counsel Front Office
Kendall Burman Deputy General Counsel for Strategic Initiatives Front Office
Dawn Yamane Hewett Deputy General Counsel for Strategic Initiatives Front Office
John D. McInerney Chief Counsel IA
John Cobau Chief Counsel IC
Henry N. Wixon Chief Counsel NIST
Lois Schiffer General Counsel NOAA
Kathy Smith Chief Counsel NTIA
Will Covey Acting General Counsel USPTO