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Julie A. Shimer, President & CEO, Welch Allyn, speaks about the COMPETES report transcript

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I'm Julie Shimer, President & CEO of Welch Allyn, a family- owned manufacturer of medical devices and products used by health care providers around the world.
America is the global leader in medical technology and the other life sciences. But we can't take that leadership for granted. Other countries are aggressively courting and promoting innovative businesses. If government policies don't provide a level playing field to help us keep competing, we'll lose our leadership, and with that, an important engine of our economic growth and job creation. That leadership is important to our American future. The medical technology industry exports more than it imports. It employs more than two million people directly and indirectly, with good competitive wages.

And our products help people around the world lead healthier, more productive lives. That's why demand for our innovative treatments and cures keeps expanding at home and abroad especially in place like India, China and Brazil. To make sure America can continue to lead, we need to encourage more research and development, fight for fair trade, make our corporate tax system more competitive and make innovation a top priority for both government and industry. We also need a more sensible and predictable regulatory environment. Today's report is a step in that direction. The American worker and the American economy will come out ahead if we work together, and I'm confident we can.