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Dr. Jane Lubchenco, NOAA Administrator, Explains the Value of STEM Education to Competitiveness Transcript

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STEM - You may have heard this term in the news quite a bit lately.

Short for science, technology, engineering and mathematics – STEM education is a national priority… and STEM jobs are the new “it” jobs to have.

In these difficult economic times, America needs all of the skilled brainpower we can muster to, as President Obama said, “win the future.” Now, more than ever, science and technology have a key role to play in creating jobs, stimulating a robust economy and creating durable solutions to tough problems.

Here at NOAA, we need skilled hands and creative minds to help society prepare for and respond to weather-related events … to sustain healthy and productive ecosystems  … and to ensure resilient coastal communities and economies.  STEM underpins innovation, progress and a better tomorrow.

As Administrator, one of my goals is to ensure we attract budding scientists and students to NOAA. Many kids are intrigued and excited by weather and climate because they can “see and feel” phenomena that touch them daily. The ocean, like space, is a largely unexplored frontier that offers the promise of adventure and discovery.

This is, in fact, what hooked me on science, and boy, am I glad!

I’m proud that NOAA has a history of distinguished and award-winning scientists.  They work in our laboratories, fly our research aircraft and provide leadership at Headquarters. 

At NOAA, I am surrounded by people in all stages of their careers who are pursuing their passions for science, science policy and science communication.  Moreover, we are committed to attracting the next generation of STEM scientists who will drive the scientific and technological innovation our country needs to stimulate the economy and create jobs.

It’s a new year full of promise and opportunity.  We at NOAA are ramping up our efforts to attract, promote and engage more talented scientists of all ages -- scientists who will help keep America on course to win the future.