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Secretary Bryson Welcome to America COMPETES website

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Hello, I’m Commerce Secretary John Bryson, and I’m pleased to welcome you to our America COMPETES website.

This report focuses on the status of U.S. competitiveness and reflects the input of a diverse group of leaders – from businesses and government, to universities and labor.

It takes a look at what helped make us the strongest economy in the world in the last century and what we must do to remain an economic leader in the decades and century ahead.

No single report could possibly examine every factor that contributed to America’s economic boom during the years in which our Grandparents and Parents lived.

This one takes a hard look at innovation. Continuous innovation is the key driver of competitiveness, job creation and long-term economic growth.

I encourage you to explore this website, and I hope that what you find provides a few rewarding surprises; watch the videos; download the charts, read the blog and really dig into the excellent information on this website.

This is a blueprint for sharpening the competitive edge we simply cannot afford to lose.

Pursuing, as a nation, the recommendations set out in this COMPETES Report, will help ensure that our children and grandchildren have more opportunity and a higher quality of life than will likely exist without the changes and hard work that innovation requires.