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Secretary Speeches

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07/24/2013 Remarks at White House Forum on Global Investment
02/23/2012 Remarks at White House Event on Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights
04/12/2012 Remarks at White House Conference on Connecting the Americas
07/22/2009 Remarks at Washington International Trade Association (WITA)
05/12/2010 Remarks at Washington Foreign Press Center Briefing on Trade Mission to China and Indonesia
07/17/2009 Remarks at USA Pavilion World Expo 2010, Shanghai, China
07/28/2010 Remarks at UPS Global Operations Center, Louisville, Kentucky
10/12/2011 Remarks at University of Toledo, Clean and Alternative Energy Incubator, Toledo, Ohio
09/23/2011 Remarks at University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Denver, Colorado
04/05/2010 Remarks at University of Chicago, National Export Initiative Event, Chicago, Illinois
09/15/2009 Remarks at University of California-San Diego NOAA-NIST Groundbreaking Ceremony, La Jolla, California
08/21/2009 Remarks at U.S.-UAE Business Council Luncheon
09/17/2013 Remarks at U.S.-Saudi Business Opportunites Forum, Los Angeles, California
07/07/2009 Remarks at U.S.-Russia Business Summit, Moscow, Russia
10/19/2010 Remarks at U.S.-Israel Business Initiative Summit
11/06/2010 Remarks at U.S.-India Business and Entrepreneurship Summit, Mumbai, India
12/02/2010 Remarks at U.S.-China Commercial Relationship Policy Conference
02/02/2011 Remarks at U.S.-China Commercial Relations Event, New York City, New York
01/13/2011 Remarks at U.S.-China Business Council Luncheon
01/28/2010 Remarks at U.S.-China Business Council Annual Forecast Conference
02/17/2012 Remarks at U.S.-China Business Cooperation Forum, Los Angeles, California
07/19/2010 Remarks at U.S.-Brazil, CEO Forum, Denver, Colorado
04/23/2012 Remarks at U.S. Travel Association’s International Pow Wow Luncheon, Los Angeles, California
10/08/2009 Remarks at U.S. International Business Council 90th Anniversary Dinner, New York City
02/19/2010 Remarks at U.S. Department of Commerce/UPS Partnership Event, Doralville, Georgia
06/14/2010 Remarks at U.S. Conference of Mayors, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
02/15/2012 Remarks at U.S. China Business Council/National Committee on U.S. China Relations Luncheon
06/16/2011 Remarks at U.S. Chamber of Commerce on Global Flow of Information on the Internet
12/13/2011 Remarks at U.S. Chamber of Commerce Luncheon Honoring Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki
05/21/2010 Remarks at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China