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Commerce Secretary Gary Locke Meets with Canada's Minister of Industry Tony Clement

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Thursday, May 21, 2009



Commerce Secretary Gary Locke Meets with Canada’s Minister of Industry Tony Clement

U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke hosted a meeting with Canada’s Minister of Industry Tony Clement at the Commerce Department today. This was the first meeting between Minister Clement and Secretary Locke.

Secretary Locke and Minister Clement expressed support for the continued development of U.S.-Canada cooperation as a means of deepening our economic relationship.

“The economic downturn has underlined the importance of the special relationship between our two countries,” Locke said. “The United States will continue to work closely with Canada, our largest trading partner, to increase North American competitiveness.”

Secretary Locke voiced his appreciation for Canada’s cooperation in helping the automotive industry take the necessary steps to survive the current crisis, and cited this as a positive model for the two countries in working towards common goals and objectives.

“The U.S. remains committed to preserving this important industry,” Locke said. “We are convinced that the steps we have spelled out for the autos sector are necessary for the industry to emerge from this crisis and compete in the global marketplace.”

The Secretary also raised concerns about copyright protection in Canada and encouraged the introduction of legislation that will better protect intellectual property in Canada.