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Category: Satellite

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11/17/2008 Page Wisconsin
06/10/2009 News White House-Press Conference on DTV Transition
12/06/2007 Page Washington
04/16/2010 Page Virginia
06/12/2009 News The National Switch to Digital Television is Today
08/11/2009 Blog Study: Better Observations, Analyses Detecting Short-Lived Tropical Systems
08/14/2007 Page South Dakota
08/14/2007 Page South Carolina
06/05/2009 Blog Secretary Locke Urges Unprepared Consumers to Ensure At Least One Television is DTV-Ready for June 12 Switch
09/24/2009 Blog Secretary Locke Unveils Plan for "Smart Grid" Interoperability
07/24/2009 News Secretary Locke Reminds Consumers to Apply for TV Converter Box Coupons Before July 31st Deadline
06/11/2009 News One Day Until DTV Transition
02/01/2010 News Obama Administration's Commerce Department Budget Proposal Seeks Investments in Innovation, Clean Energy, Infrastructure, Job Creation
12/18/2007 Page North Carolina
05/05/2010 Blog NOAA: Deepwater Horizon Incident, Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Update
06/05/2009 Blog NOAA, Army Corps of Engineers to Build Alaska Satellite Operations Facility
04/07/2010 Blog NOAA's GOES-15 Weather Satellite Captures Its First Image of Earth
07/15/2009 Blog NOAA Scientists Find Tsunami "Shadow" Visible from Space
01/15/2010 Blog NOAA Satellites Help Rescue 195 People in 2009
07/29/2009 Blog NOAA Reports GOES-14 Spacecraft Shows First Image
01/23/2009 Blog NOAA Prepares to Launch New Polar-Orbiting Satellite for Climate and Weather
02/17/2010 Blog NOAA National Weather Service to Use New Hurricane Wind Scale
05/28/2009 Blog NOAA Announces New Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites
01/26/2010 Blog NIST Issues First Release of Framework for Smart Grid Interoperability
03/04/2010 Blog Newest NOAA Geostationary Satellite Reaches Orbit
10/28/2011 Blog Nation’s Newest Environmental Satellite Successfully Launched
12/18/2007 Page Maryland
12/18/2007 Page Hawaii
08/07/2007 Page Florida
06/05/2009 News Commerce Secretary Gary Locke Urges Unprepared Consumers to Ensure At Least One Television Set is DTV-Ready