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Category: Exports

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11/19/2010 News Remarks at Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce Annual Business and Leadership Conference
09/17/2010 News Remarks at Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce, Seattle, Washington
09/10/2012 News Remarks at International Manufacturing Technology Show, Chicago, Illinois
11/28/2012 News Remarks at Launch of "Doing Business in Africa" Campaign, Johannesburg, South Africa
03/26/2012 News Remarks at Luncheon Sponsored by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce (FICCI), New Delhi, India
04/27/2012 News Remarks at Manufacturing Conference, Rochester, New York
12/15/2009 News Remarks at Manufacturing Council-Conference Call
08/22/2013 News Remarks at Manufacturing Summit, Orlando, Florida
10/30/2013 News Remarks at National Competitiveness Forum
05/11/2010 News Remarks at National Export Initiative Event, Leesburg, Virginia
10/13/2010 News Remarks at National Export Initiative Event, Memphis, Tennessee
04/30/2010 News Remarks at National Export Initiative Event, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
02/17/2011 News Remarks at National Export Initiative Small Business Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota
03/16/2010 News Remarks at National League of Cities Congressional City Conference
05/13/2011 News Remarks at New Markets, New Jobs NEI Small Business Tour, Wilmington, Delaware
04/11/2011 News Remarks at New Markets, New Jobs: The National Export Initiative Small Business Outreach Tour, New Orleans, Louisiana
03/16/2012 News Remarks at Pavilion Furniture in Miami Gardens, Florida
01/21/2010 News Remarks at Peterson Institute for International Economies
03/18/2010 News Remarks at PhRMA Annual Meeting, Arlington, Virginia
05/13/2010 News Remarks at Presentation of President's "E" and "E Star" Awards
04/26/2010 News Remarks at Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship
12/06/2012 News Remarks at President’s Export Council Meeting
05/15/2010 News Remarks at Press Conference Kicking Off Trade Mission to China and Indonesia
09/20/2012 News Remarks at Raleigh and Durham Chambers of Commerce, Durham, North Carolina
02/05/2010 News Remarks at Renewable Energy Technology Conference 2010
08/25/2011 News Remarks at SelectUSA Event, Warren, Ohio
04/24/2012 News Remarks at Silicon Valley Leadership Group Business Climate Summit, San Jose, California
04/14/2010 News Remarks at Solar Turbines, San Diego, California
05/11/2009 News Remarks at Supply Chain Infrastructure Competitiveness Conference
02/23/2011 News Remarks at the 2011 Columbus Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting, Columbus, Ohio