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Category: Bureau of the Census

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07/10/2009 Blog Secretary Locke Statement on Trade Numbers
03/12/2010 Blog Statement from Secretary Locke on Retail Sales in February 2010
03/20/2014 Blog Census Bureau’s API Continues Commitment to Innovation
03/19/2009 Blog Census Bureau Releases Population Estimates for Nation's Metro Areas
01/05/2012 Blog Commerce Department Agencies Unveil New Website Home Pages
01/20/2010 Blog Secretary Locke Statement on New Residential Construction in December 2009
09/05/2014 Blog Back to School -- Census Bureau Introduces the Statistics in the Schools Program
11/18/2010 Blog Census Bureau Introduces New Economic Indicators Search Tool
05/18/2012 Blog Deputy Secretary Blank Advocates Public Service in Commencement Speech
07/25/2012 Blog Census Report: Nearly 1 in 5 People Have a Disability in the U.S.; Update
10/20/2009 Blog Secretary Locke Statement on September 2009 New Residential Construction
06/09/2011 Blog The More You Know: Key Statistics for Manufacturers and Exporters
06/03/2013 Blog Commerce Department Supports Disaster Relief Across the Country
08/04/2009 Blog Census: Capital Spending Increases Nearly $201 Billion Between 2000-2007
04/14/2010 Blog Secretary Locke Statement on March 2010 Retail Sales
11/26/2013 Blog New Census Mobile App Showcases Local Statistics for People on the Go
06/09/2009 Blog Dr. Rebecca Blank Sworn In as Under Secretary for Economic Affairs, Top Advisor to Secretary Locke
11/21/2011 Blog Spotlight on Commerce: Jan Jacobs, Tribal Intergovernmental Affairs Specialist, U.S. Census Bureau
02/18/2010 Blog President Obama Records Message Urging Participation in 2010 Census
06/27/2014 Blog Evaluating the American Community Survey: The ACS Content Review
07/02/2010 Blog The Fourth of July, 2010: Independence Day
03/01/2012 Blog March 1: Anniversary of Census Act of 1790
12/23/2009 Blog The 2009 Holiday Season
11/12/2014 Blog An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Accessing Census Bureau Statistics
12/23/2010 Blog Census: The 2010 Holiday Season
12/23/2014 Blog Florida Passes New York to Become the Nation’s Third Most Populous State, Census Bureau Reports
04/21/2011 Blog A 'Coming of Age' Event for Local Social and Economic Statistical Information
09/17/2012 Blog U.S. Population Reaches 314,395,013 on Constitution Day 2012
09/10/2009 Blog Secretary Locke Statement on July 2009 Trade Numbers
08/04/2011 Blog Rural and Suburban America: When One Definition is Not Enough